Shadow Physics

In the fall of 2010, I left 2XL and did a bit of traveling. It was great to take some time away from the keyboard, but it wasn’t long before I was drawn back to game development. I’ve joined up with Enemy Airship and am now working on Shadow Physics.

Here’s a video of Scott and Steve (Enemy Airship founders) presenting the game at the Tokyo Game Show “Sense of Wonder” night in 2009:

2XL Supercross & Trophylite Rally

In the spring and summer of 2010 I worked at 2XL Games as a programmer on the team porting 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally from iPhone/iPod to PC. Along with the varied work that is inherent when porting a game from one platform to another, one of my jobs was to create a front end launcher application that would interface with a billing system created by 2XL Asia (our counterpart in Seoul, South Korea). Users who got 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally demos pre-installed on various devices could opt to upgrade from the default trial game and the launcher application that I created would handle unlocking the full game. I also modified our PC configuration app to support localization. Here are a couple videos of 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally (sorry, no PC videos available just yet):

Switching Jobs – Something Old, Something New…

One of the big dreams of my professional career was to be at the ground level of an independent game studio, and Coin App allowed me to live that dream. I got to build a game with two of my best friends. But, as with many jobs in the game industry nowadays, my time at Coin App has come to an end.

I recently accepted a position as Lead Programmer at 2XL Games. As some of you may know, I used to work at 2XL in a hybrid artist/programmer capacity on the Xbox 360/PS3 title “Baja: Edge of Control.” Although I can’t say much about the game I’ll be working on now, I can say that 2XL Games has evolved quite a bit since I left in 2008 and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.

Max Blastronaut on CO-OP

Since the first time I saw the 1UP Show video podcast several years ago, I dreamed to work on a game that would be featured on the show. Well, they shut down before I could fulfill that dream, but the spirit of the show lives on in CO-OP, a new video podcast created by former 1UP staffers who now work for Revision3. In a most excellent twist of fate, Max Blastrontaut and the other 2009 Dream Build Play finalists were featured in a recent episode of CO-OP. Dream completed.

In other news, we updated with a new trailer and screenshots. Enjoy!


Screenshots and Videos

For the last six weeks we’ve been releasing new screenshots of Max Blastronaut every Friday on, and, if you haven’t seen them yet, you are missing out. In addition to the weekly screenshot posts, we now have dedicated screenshot ( and video ( sections on the sidebar of the page. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to catch up with the latest improvements going into our game. What are you waiting for? Click on over to!


Dream Build Play Winners Announced – We Got 2nd Place!

The Dream Build Play 2009 winners have finally been announced and we got 2nd place! In this year’s competition, I think it’s safe to say it would be an honor to sit alongside any game in the top 20. I’m amazed at what all the competitors have come up with. Congrats to all the teams in this year’s competition, and a big thank-you to my Coin App brethren, the XNA community, Microsoft, and my girlfriend for tolerating my schedule over these past few months.

Just over a year ago I was finishing up my art degree, and now I’m the lead programmer on a Dream Build Play finalist team. It’s been a crazy ride. I can’t wait to see where we go next.

One Reason I Love Making Games

Although the Coin App crew wasn’t able to make it to PAX this weekend to see our game on display in the Microsoft XNA booth, friends and community members have been taking pictures and videos of our game being played. Thank you all for sharing with those of us who didn’t get to join you in Seattle.

I’m only going to re-post a single image here, as I think it pretty much says it all.


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