Pat Bergschneider – Software Engineer

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2014 – Present
Shelvspace – Scottsdale, AZ
CTO – Shelvspace (iOS/Android/web)
– Developing software solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry
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2014 – 2014
Independent Development Group – Scottsdale, AZ / San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer – My Bus SF (iOS – Shipped 2014)
– Collaborated remotely with project designer using Google Docs and Hangouts
– Created continuous integration build system using Github, Jenkins, and TestFlight
– Integrated NextBus API to fetch MUNI vehicle times
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2014 – 2014
GlobalMed – Scottsdale, AZ
iOS Developer – Unannounced Project (iOS)
– Took app from existing initial concept through execution
– Integrated with GlobalMed’s cloud-based image storage system
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2012 – 2013
Zynga – San Francisco, CA
Principal Software Engineer / Engineering Lead – Words With Friends (iOS/Android)
– Lead Android and iOS engineering teams
– Assisted with hiring and career development
– Implemented process changes to cut new hire ramp-up time
– Analyzed game metrics to assist in product-level decisions
– Worked with internal/external teams to drive results across Zynga apps
Sr. Software Engineer / Individual Contributor – Words With Friends (iOS)
– Developed client side features
– Participated in iOS group code reviews
– Built new game prototype with small group of WWF team members
Sr. Software Engineer / Individual Contributor – CityVille (Facebook)
– Developed gameplay features in both solo and team settings
– Created and maintained both client and server side code
– Managed and monitored release of new builds to the world
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2011 – 2012
Double Fine Productions – San Francisco, CA
Gameplay Programmer – The Cave (Xbox 360/PS3 – Shipped 2013)
– Worked with design team to implement and iterate on gameplay systems
– Implemented character functionality such as swimming and special abilities
Gameplay Programmer – Iron Brigade DLC (Xbox 360 – Shipped 2012)
– Ramped up on Double Fine’s in-house, proprietary engine
– Contributed to game design decisions during planning sessions
– Assisted game designer with implementation of final boss battle
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2011 – 2011
THQ Digital Studios Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ
Programmer – Unannounced Title (iOS – Cancelled)
– Worked with small team as lead programmer on a Unity-based project
– Designed UI workflow with instant-launch to any game screen (menu-heavy game)

2010 – 2011
Enemy Airship – Tempe, AZ
Programmer – Shadow Physics (Xbox 360 – Cancelled)
– Developed tools with Game Designer and Lead Artist
– Provided code/script assistance for Game Designer
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2010 – 2010
2XL Games – Phoenix, AZ
Lead Programmer – Internal Prototype (PC/mobile – Cancelled)
– Worked on unannounced multi-platform title
– Collaborated with Lead Artist to develop artist-friendly pipeline
Programmer – 2XL Supercross/Trophylite Rally (PC – Shipped 2010)
– Worked with team porting games from iPhone/iPod to PC
– Created front-end launcher application
– Updated configuration utility to support localization
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2008 – 2010
Coin App – Phoenix, AZ
Lead Programmer – Max Blastronaut (Xbox 360/PC – Cancelled)
– Created multi-threaded, cross-platform game engine
– Developed game logic, AI, physics/collision, UI, and rendering
– Supported integration of SSAO, crepuscular rays, and depth of field
– Assisted game designer in developing data-driven production pipeline
– Integrated custom in-game performance profiler
– Won 2nd place in Microsoft’s International Dream Build Play competition
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2006 – 2008
2XL Games – Phoenix, AZ
Artist – Baja: Edge of Control (Xbox 360/PS3 – Shipped 2008)
– Modeled and textured environmental and vehicle assets
– Rigged vehicle and plant models for realistic movement
– Created and modified shaders in proprietary 2XL shader pipeline
Additional Programming – Baja: Edge of Control
– Designed and maintained in-house tools in VB, C#, and MaxScript
– Used GCM HUD (PS3) and PIX (360) for performance tuning
– Assisted on UI Programming
Outsource Art Lead – Baja: Edge of Control
– Visited outsource partners in China to assist early in the project
– Wrote specs and prepared assignments
– Monitored, checked, and organized returned assets
– Worked with other artists to create technical documentation
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Independent Game Development Group – Phoenix, AZ
Artist, Animator – Shanke (PC – Shipped 2007)
– Won national competition with our team of five AIPX Students
– Modeled and textured environmental assets
– Modeled character assets
– Assisted in character rigging and animation R&D
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2004 – 2005
Volition – Champaign, IL
Software Tester – Punisher (Xbox/PS2/PC – Shipped 2005)
– Started as one of six PS2 testers
– Became primary PC tester, later helped manage the three-man team
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2005 – 2008
The Art Institute of Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ
Game Art and Design
– Received a B.A. in Game Art and Design in March 2008 (GPA: 3.7/4.0)
– Learned fundamentals of art as well as real-world application

2001 – 2006
University of Illinois – UIUC – Champaign, IL
College of Engineering – Computer Science
– Received a B.S. in Computer Science in May 2006 (GPA: 3.2/4.0)
– Participated in Game Development Studio in 2004 and 2005

– Proficient developing in C++, C#/Unity, Objective-C, Lua, PHP, and ActionScript
– Proficient creating content with 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash
– Proficient profiling/optimizing for specific needs of varying hardware platforms
– Proficient working in a group using version control such as SVN, Perforce, and Git