March 2011 Gamejam Prototype

One day in the Spring of 2011, we had a mini game jam at the Enemy Airship office. I have always wanted to make a game in the style of Geometry Wars – a hectic, flashy, tightly-controlled dual-stick shooter bursting with particle explosions – but make it a bit more analog. And when I say “analog” I, I mean things like a user-controlled time-scale as a gameplay mechanic (accessed via the left analog trigger of an Xbox 360 controller) in a game loop where life and death isn’t a simple binary on/off. Other info: The red baddies are smart enough to hunt. The blue ones mostly just drift/bounce around. The goal is to avoid getting swarmed. It’s just a prototype, but I found it to be quite fun even with very simple mechanics. This was a solo project, so all “art” and programming was done by yours truly.