2XL Supercross & Trophylite Rally

In the spring and summer of 2010 I worked at 2XL Games as a programmer on the team porting 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally from iPhone/iPod to PC. Along with the varied work that is inherent when porting a game from one platform to another, one of my jobs was to create a front end launcher application that would interface with a billing system created by 2XL Asia (our counterpart in Seoul, South Korea). Users who got 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally demos pre-installed on various devices could opt to upgrade from the default trial game and the launcher application that I created would handle unlocking the full game. I also modified our PC configuration app to support localization. Here are a couple videos of 2XL Supercross and Trophylite Rally (sorry, no PC videos available just yet):